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Meet Tiff Joy

Tiff Joy (pronouns: They/She) is a queer Afro-Boricua powerhouse from The South Bronx. Tiff Joy grew up in NYCHA housing projects only blocks away from the 1999 murder of Amadou Diallo by NYPD. In a neighborhood infamously coined "The Toxic Triangle" due to its alarming asthma rates and poor air quality. These two key elements helped spark a very early activation toward community change work.  


Tiff Joy uses their two decades of experience within the social justice movement to support groups and individuals in planning tangible steps toward their future visions. Inspired by early interactions with local leaders who awakened and nourished their potential, Tiff has dedicated their career to community change efforts, leadership-building, and holistic healing work. Their work centers on an intersectional lens, understanding that the many layers of societal issues cannot be addressed in isolation. Rooted in their upbringing in youth organizing, Tiff firmly believes in the importance of listening to and uplifting the voices of all generations. Tiff Joy can tailor their offerings to all levels of experiences and across all age groups. 


Tiff Joy believes in a blend of activism, advocacy, community education, leadership development, and, most importantly, a fierce determination to carve out a more joyous world for all oppressed peoples and the groups that serve them. Their work reflects this, as they employ organizing principles to equip organizations and individuals with the tools needed to strengthen and foster long-term change for all marginalized communities, especially for BIPOC and Gender-Expansive identities. Many of Tiff's core values come from personal life experiences and from witnessing and working alongside activists and community members, learning from their ability to recognize and harness our intrinsic collective power to transform our lives.


Recent Milestones


Spearheaded Race Forward’s first youth-centered conference, "#RaceAnd Our Present, Our Future."


Organized community safety strategies on the frontlines of the Black Lives Matter uprisings outside the White House in Washington D.C


After over a decade and a half of organizing in the Bronx and New York City, Tiff Joy moves to Baltimore!


Re-Launch of Joy to the Universe


Served as an Emcee for the 2022 Facing Race: A National Conference in Phoenix, Arizona and Online, engaging with a combined audience of over 4,000 attendees.

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