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Pause for Joy

Take a “Pause for Joy” by entering this virtual haven of positivity and inspiration. In the hustle of our demanding lives, it's essential to take a moment to breathe, find solace, and uplift our spirits. Here, you'll discover a collection of videos, dopamine-releasing imagery, and even adorable fur friends to bring a smile to your face. Whether you're a passionate organizer or a hardworking community member needing a brief escape, this page is a gift of joy and rejuvenation. Return whenever you require, as this space will frequently be refreshed with new gems to brighten your day. Let this be your particular corner in the vast digital universe, where joy, hope, and positivity reign supreme.

Meet, Taiki! I discovered this little guy while browsing YouTube for something to help me focus. He is my favorite co-work & study buddy. Chill with some lo-fi beats and adorable animations. 

Have you ever stopped and observed a grasshopper?
Here is your chance...

Like random facts? Me too! Here are a few for you to look up later. Click the arrow on the right. 

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