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Service Offerings

Dynamic Curriculum Strategies

Dynamic Curriculum
Leadership Pipeline

Embracing a holistic approach to community education, TJ crafts engaging, practical agendas and curriculum. Their expertise lies in their ability to design visually stimulating materials and orchestrate interactive sessions that cater to varied learning objectives. From concise workshops to comprehensive leadership programs, their focus remains steadfast on creating experiences that resonate deeply with participants.


Some offerings in this area include; 

  • Meeting and Retreat Agenda Crafting

  • Facilitation (Independent & Collaborative)

  • Facilitation Skill Building Training

  • Curriculum Development

  • Visuals & Tools Creation

Intrinsic Planning and Problem Solving 

Intrinsic Planning

Merging deep reverence for individual insight and a keen ability to present tailored solution menus, she believes every situation holds its unique potential. Her method is about envisioning the future, pre-empting challenges on the horizon, and addressing those that may have arisen in the past. Recognizing the distinctness of every scenario, she crafts a suite of solutions rooted in an individual’s or community’s intrinsic values and experiences. This personalized strategy ensures not just immediate resolution but does so in a manner that resonates authentically with those involved. By offering this blend of introspective facilitation and strategic suggestions, Tiff Joy empowers organizations to select a path forward that feels both genuinely familiar and refreshingly innovative.


Some offerings in this area include; 

  • Strategic Planning and timelining

  • Workplan Development

  • Organizational Tools Assessment

  • “Detours & Obstacles” Solution Mapping, 

  • Urgent Action Planning,

  • Social & Emotional First-Aid


Empathetic Dialogues

Empathetic Dialogues
Group Photo

Empathetic Dialogues are intentional environments fostering deep, meaningful conversations curated by Tiff Joy. Diving into shared personal memories, cathartic healing moments, and the pure joy of play, TJ turns spaces into a sanctuary of connection anchored in social justice values. It's more than a discussion; it's an invitation to journey together, discovering shared truths and building bridges of understanding.


Some offerings in this area include 

  • Guided Self Assessment and reflection Exercises,

  • Trauma-Informed Healing Circles,

  • Conflict Resolution Practices 

  • Team Depth-Building Activities,

  • Empathetic Skillbuilding

Community Threading

Community Threading

Tiff Joy’s expertise lies in connecting the often fragmented threads of BIPOC communities grounded in the intersections of racial, gender, and healing justice. As a movement matchmaker, TJ has an uncanny ability to discern synergies and opportunities where individuals, stories, and passions intersect. Every introduction made, every relationship nurtured, becomes an act of transformative justice. It's not just creating spaces where voices meet but where voices merge; it's about weaving a dynamic network of people, amplifying the power of equity, solidarity, and collective action. 


Some offerings in this area include; 

  • Organizational  Matchmaking and Hiring 

  • Coalition and Local Collaborative Building

  • Talent Searches

  • Network-building opportunities

Community Threads

Core Self Quests

Core Self Quests
Core Quests

Core Self Questing is a transformative exploration guiding individuals to their most genuine selves. Through intentional conversations and introspective reflection, participants venture beyond their norms to reconnect with their childhood dreams and aspirations. Each “adventure” TJ curates is tailored to provoke thought and self-awareness to bridge the gap between past desires and present values. This quest is not just about discovery; it's a deliberate journey of alignment with one's essence.


Some offerings in this area include 

  • One on One Coaching

  • Personal and professional Goal Setting

  • Individually Curated/Tailored Skillbuilding Materials

  • Project Feedback, Soundboarding & Packaging

Gen. Asst.

General & Technical Assistance


Tiff Joy brings a robust skill set to any organizational setting. Since the start of the pandemic, many nonprofit organizations and artist groups have been overwhelmed in their capacity but need to be more staffed daily. Understanding these stressors and excelling in behind-the-scenes work, TJ provides “a la carte” support services for organizations needing extra support over a specific period. 


Some offerings in this area include; 

  • Logistic Support (Travel, Hotel, Venue & Supplies Coordination)

  • Zoom Platform Support and Technical Facilitation

  • Materials Development and Formatting

  • Document Copyediting and peer Review

  • Organizational Software & Virtual Platform Recommendations

  • Other Miscellaneous Support

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